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Scooping and Straining Activities

Scooping and straining activities are a great way for children aged 12 months and up to develop their fine motor skills and coordination. This is a fantastic activity that you can create at home using two bowls, some water, a strainer, and some sea shells. Remember to present from left to right to prepare your child for writing and reading.

Three Shapes Puzzle

The shape puzzles are a Montessori infant material designed to introduce young children to shapes and the primary colours. The shapes puzzle printable allows you to create your own 2D version of the Shapes Puzzle.

Open and Close

Create your own opening and closing activities from containers and bags found at home.

Treasure Basket

Treasure Baskets are a wonderful way to introduce your infant to different objects and textures. You can compile your own Treasure Basket from found objects at home.

Imbucare Box

Create your own Imbucare Box using found objects to explore the concept of object permanence with your toddler. Extend on the activity by adding counting and sorting.

Sound Shakers

Create your own Sound Shakers using recycled bottles and found objects.

Hand Transfer

Whole hand transfer is a great activity for children aged 18 months – 3 years to develop their fine motor skills and coordination. All you need is an old tea caddy and pom poms.

Tong Transfer

Tong transfer activities are a wonderful way to develop fine motor skills, coordination, and concentration. Transfer activities can be introduced to children from the time they are capable of self-feeding. However, transfer activities are also enjoyed by toddler and preschool aged children.

Introducing Primary Colours

Introduce red, yellow and blue to your infant using the supplied printables and found objects at home.

Setting up a Montessori Infant Shelf

To set up a simple Montessori infant shelf at home all you need are our resources, a few baskets or containers, and some objects from around the house.

Sample Infant Lesson Plan

Creating a weekly lesson plan provides structure for learning experiences. Take a look at our tips for lesson planning for infants.