Community Partnerships

Community partnerships play an important role in teaching our students how they are linked to the community and their world. In Montessori, this concept is referred to as ‘cosmic education.’ The purpose of cosmic education is to teach children an awareness of their interdependence with all things.

At Montessori Academy, we understand that our early learning services are an important point of connection to the wider community. Through community partnerships, we empower our students, staff and families with greater access to invaluable information, resources, and support systems.

In effect, these partnerships lead children to develop a sense of belonging, personal identity, and connectedness to the world around them. Therefore, Montessori Academy views community partnerships as an important aspect of our education programs, and an essential part of how we contribute to the communities in which we live and work.

Montessori Academy Supports

  • Dunlea Centre Australia’s Original Boys’ Town
  • Canterbury-Bankstown Children’s Hospital
  • St Merkorious Charity
  • Montfort Boys’ Town
  • Sydney Children’s Hospital

Montessori Materials for Infants

Montessori Infant Program Imbucare Box Disc

Imbucare Box

Imbucare Boxes help children recognise two shapes in the same size. It supports the development of visual discrimination, hand-eye coordination, and introduces the concept of object permanence.

Montessori Infant Program 3 Shape Puzzle

Three Shapes Puzzle

The Three Shapes Puzzle introduces the circle, triangle and square as well as the primary colours. It assist in the development of visual discrimination, the pincer grip, and fine motor skills.

Montessori Infant Program Dressing Frames

Dressing Frames

The Dressing Frames teach children how to dress themselves through mastering different clothing fasteners such as zips, buttons, press studs and laces. They also support the development of fine motor skills.

Coloured Discs on a Dowel

The Coloured Discs on a Dowel introduces infants to discs that vary in size and colour. This materials helps develop visual discrimination, a sense of order, and introduces simple counting.

Montessori Education Program Progression

Toddler Program 2-3

The Montessori Toddler Program provides hands-on learning experiences that build children’s independence and competence while developing their intelligence and real-life skills.

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Preschool Program 3-6

The Montessori Preschool Program provides children with the opportunity to direct their own learning. It focuses on developing student’s socio-emotional and intellectual growth.

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School Readiness Final Year

Montessori Academy’s School Readiness Progress is focused on providing children with the knowledge, tools and skills to succeed in school during their final preschool year.

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Useful Information for Families

See the below resources for help on applying for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS), locating your child's AIR Immunisation History Statement, information about our daily routines, menus for catered and non-catered childcare centres, and useful tips to support your child's transition to a Montessori Academy childcare centre.

Applying for the Child Care Subsidy

Learn about how to apply for the Child Care Subsidy.

Locate Your Child's Immunisation History Statement

Learn how to find your child's AIR Immunisation History Statement.

Daily Routines

Learn about the structure of our day for infants, toddlers, and preschool aged children.

Sample Food Menu

View a sample menu for our catered and non-catered centres. All Montessori Academy childcare centres are nut-free and allergy aware.

Preparing for the First Day

Read our top tips for preparing your child for their first day.

How we Communicate with Families

Learn about our parent communication app and how we stay connected with families.