Montessori Cycle 1 and Kindergarten Programs in Melbourne Australia

The Montessori Cycle 1 Programs deliver a School Readiness and Kindergarten Preparation Program that prepares children with fundamental academic skills to ensure a successful transition to any type of primary school environment.

What is Cycle 1?

Cycle 1 is a commonly used Montessori phrase to describe a mixed-age Montessori classroom for children aged three to six. Between the ages of three and six, children move through “sensitive periods”, which refers to a phase when a child’s interests are focused on developing a particular skill or knowledge area. The Cycle 1 classroom is carefully designed to introduce children to a range of advanced Montessori materials across the five curriculum areas of Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language and Culture that reflect these interests, and provide rich opportunities for learning. The program is also designed to help children grow self-confidence, independence, self-discipline, and enthusiasm for learning that will prepare them for school and life.

Unlike conventional pre-kinder and kindergarten classroom age groups, both Cycle 1A and Cycle 1B classrooms accommodate children aged three to six. This is designed to support each child’s school readiness journey by allowing a seamless transition between the pre-kinder and kindergarten programs within the same classroom.

While there is no academic difference between the Cycle 1A and Cycle 1B classrooms, both classrooms deliver a consistent Montessori early learning experience with respect to each child’s stage of early childhood development, interests and learning style. Children continue to be active participants in their early learning journey and are gently guided to advance through the Montessori curriculum by our nurturing educators.

What are the benefits of a Cycle 1 classroom?

Mixed-age classrooms in Cycle 1 mirror a family structure offering a two-way learning and development opportunity for the children.

  • Older children act as mentors and role models, enabling them to learn how to respect and support the younger ones. Not only does it help them to develop a sense of care and responsibility for others, but this mentorship role also supports them in building their confidence, self-esteem, and leadership skills.
  • “Re-teaching” something to a younger peer benefits older children by reinforcing their own learning.
  • Younger children feel supported and gain confidence by observing, interacting with, and learning from older children. They watch older children working on more advanced materials and observe their future learning.
  • Being surrounded with older peers allows younger children to absorb social skills such as sharing, compromising, and helping.
  • Children have an opportunity to develop stronger relationships with their educators and peers by staying in the same environment for a longer period.
  • By working in an environment prepared for a broader age range, children get exposed to a wider curriculum and more diverse learning opportunities. Children can learn at their own pace and enjoy a larger choice of activities and materials.
  • Mixed-age classrooms better reflect the outside world, where people from different ages, experiences, and abilities interact with each other. It nurtures real-life skills and an appreciation for diversity.

How are Kindergarten programs integrated into the Cycle 1 classroom?

Kindergarten programs work in harmony with the Montessori Curriculum. Tertiary-qualified Early Childhood Teachers (ECT) will work closely with children enrolled in a Funded Kindergarten Program. The Funded Kindergarten Program is a VIC government initiative where eligible early learning providers can receive funds to directly invest into the kinder programs that are provided to families. The dedicated educators will complete transition reports for schools, conduct parent-teacher interviews, and prepare children to unlock developmental milestones ahead of their school year.

At Montessori Academy, all children who are in their Kindergarten year participate in a comprehensive School Readiness Kinder Preparation Program that targets core academic competencies and school readiness skills. This ensures children are well prepared to make a successful transition to any type of primary school environment.

Learn more about our School Readiness Kinder Preparation Program.

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Where to next? The School Readiness Preparatory Program

Montessori Academy’s School Readiness Preparatory Program prepares children with the knowledge, skills, and behaviours they need to make a successful transition to any primary school setting. The program focuses on social and emotional intelligence, independence skills, literacy, numeracy, problem-solving skills, and further developing a love of learning. Children complete the School Readiness and Preparatory Program during their final year of preschool.