Enrolment Process

Choosing the right childcare provider for your family is a big decision. After all, you’re looking for the people, program, and facilities that will nurture your child during their most crucial formative years. Research shows that quality early education has a direct impact on children’s health, wellbeing, education, and career prospects in later life.

At Montessori Academy, we approach our role as partners in your child’s early education. We’re a support network of like-minded people who value the importance of early childhood education and the role it plays in shaping children’s long-term success and wellbeing. Our goal is to nurture each child to become a confident, independent, and courageous life-long learner.

We recommend that families do their research before choosing an early education provider. To get started, make a list of locations, tour each one, and get a feel for the curriculum, educational team, facilities, and approach to children’s learning. When you’ve found the right centre, you’ll know!

1. Find your closest Montessori Academy

Montessori Academy have more than 40 early learning locations across New South Wales, Canberra, and Victoria. To find the centre that best meets your needs, we recommend creating a shortlist of providers that best meet your family’s needs.

Start by considering the factors that are most important to you, such as proximity to your home or workplace, opening hours, service inclusions, meal options, allergy awareness, sun safety, and costs after the Child Care Subsidy (CCS). It’s a good idea to keep an open mind and to explore all your options.

Factors to consider when you’re choosing a location:

  • Who will the main person dropping off and picking up?
  • What hours is the centre open?
  • Do you need a location that’s closer to your work or home?
  • Will you need parking or will you be catching public transport?
  • Do you want a centre that offers nutritious catering or would you prefer to pack your child’s food from home?
  • What will your out-of-pocket costs be after the Child Care Subsidy (CCS)?
  • How many days do you want your child to attend?
  • Is there a Waiting List for your preferred location?
  • When do you want your child to start?
  • What educational approach do you think will best suit your child?
  • What other factors are the most important for your family?
Find a Location

2. Book a tour of your short-listed childcare centres 

The second step to enrolling is to book a tour at your preferred Montessori Academy childcare centre or centres. All Montessori Academy early learning centres deliver the same curriculum; however, each centre has as it’s own wonderfully unique community, facilities, and vibe.

When you tour, keep an eye out for warm and welcoming interactions, beautifully clean facilities, organised spaces, happy children, and engaged staff who love what they do. Positive interactions are the foundation of a Montessori Academy childcare service.

Questions to ask on your tour:

  • What’s unique about the Montessori Education Program?
  • What are the core learning areas in each classroom?
  • What are your core values and beliefs about early childhood education?
  • Which educators will be working with my child?
  • How do the Montessori materials work?
  • What will my child learn?
  • What’s included in the daily fee?
  • How do you report on my child’s progress?
  • How do you communicate with families on a daily basis?
Book a Tour

3. Join the waiting list

For families looking to start in the future, we recommend joining the Waiting List as early as possible. This provides you with the best opportunity to receive an enrolment position when you are looking to start. To join the Waiting List please contact our Family Care Team or enquire about your chosen location.

We also recommend that families join the Waiting List for all the Montessori Academy childcare centres that meet their needs. Some centres may have a longer Waiting List than others, so it’s a good idea to Waitlist at several locations to ensure you secure a position when you’re looking to start.

One of the great things about Montessori Academy, is that once you’re enrolled in one centre, you are an internal priority to transfer to other Montessori Academy locations.

Benefits of Joining the Waiting List
  • Greater certainty surrounding your child’s enrolment position and start date
  • Update your child’s start date and profile as often as you need
  • Connect with Family Care for support throughout the enrolment process
  • Pay once to join the Waiting List for as many Montessori Academy childcare centres as you like
  • Receive priority enrolment for new Montessori Academy childcare centres
  • Receive quarterly updates on your child’s enrolment status as well as useful information about events and Montessori resource
Join the Waiting List

4. Enrol at Montessori Academy

Families looking to start now or in the next six weeks are welcome to complete an Enrolment Form. This form includes details relating to your child’s details, medical information, terms and conditions, and helpful information to assist you with starting your child in childcare.

All information supplies by families is kept in accordance with Montessori Academy’s Privacy Policy and government regulations. Once your Enrolment Kit has been submitted, the Family Care Team will contact you to confirm you child’s enrolment schedule, orientation date, and official start date. Your enrolment is confirmed once you receive a formal Confirmation of Enrolment email.

To enrol you will need:
  • Parent/Guardian’s details
  • Child’s details
  • Medical Information
  • Customer Reference Number (CRN) from Centrelink for the parent claiming the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) if applicable
  • Customer Reference Number (CRN) from Centrelink for your child/children
  • Immunisation History Statement from Medicare
  • Birth Certificate
  • Photo of your child
Enrol Now

5. Attend an Orientation Session

All new families are encouraged to attend an orientation session prior to their child’s first day. Sessions typically runs for one to two hours and allow children to explore the Montessori environment, get to know their teachers, and begin making new friends.

Orientations also provide families with the opportunity to talk about their child’s interests, sleep schedule, and how we can best support their learning process. Once you have enrolled, our Family Care Team will contact you to organise an orientation session. Orientations are typically scheduled a few days prior to your child’s expected start date.

Benefits of attending an Orientation:
  • Prepare your child for their transition to childcare
  • Build your child’s confidence in a new setting
  • Develop positive associations with childcare
  • Begin making friends
  • Observe how your child interacts with the environment
  • Connect with your child’s educators and Centre Manager for additional support and settling tips
Orientation Information