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Sound Shakers

Sound Shakers

Create your own Sound Shakers! This DIY material is a derivative of the traditional Montessori Material the ‘Sound Boxes’. They are designed to assist children with developing the auditory sense so they are able to differentiate between different sounds.

Home Lesson One

  1. Source a range of recycled bottles and fill them with a variety of objects that create different sounds such as salt, rocks, bells and beads
  2. Add a dab of superglue or tape to the lid to ensure your child can’t open the bottle
  3. Place the bottles in a basket
  4. Present your infant with one bottle at a time and shake the contents
  5. Use language such as “loud” and “soft” to describe the different sounds
  6. If your child reaches for the bottle allow your child to explore the bottle and shake it on their own

Home Lesson Two

  1. Play a game with your child by shaking the sound bottles in different locations, such as behind your back, to encourage them to track the sound