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Introducing Primary Colours

Introducing Primary Colours

Use the supplied printable resources to introduce primary colours to your infant. This activity is designed to assist children in developing their visual sense of colour and to practice colour matching. Remember to only introduce one colour at a time. You can extend on this activity by adding a second and then a third colour. The best way to encourage colour recognition is to consistently draw attention to the colour of objects in your home.

Home Lesson One

  1. Take the primary colour cards and place them randomly on the floor
  2. Point and name the colours

Home Lesson Two

  1. Take one primary colour card and the matching colour group cards
  2. Describe the objects on the card “The hat is red”
  3. Continue with the cards as long as the infant is engaged

Home Lesson Three

  1. Collect objects of the same colour from around your home
  2. Isolate one colour
  3. Describe the object’s colour and place it next to the primary colour card using the name of the colour for each object
  4. For older children invite your child to match the object to the colour card

Home Lesson Four

  1. Use the matching cards to create two piles
  2. Lay out one pile of cards from left to right
  3. Using one card from the second pile scan the laid out cards from left to right
  4. When you find a match say “Match” and place the card below
  5. Invite your child to take a turn

Supplied Printables

  1. Primary Colour Cards
  2. Colour Group Cards
  3. Colour Matching Cards