Scooping and Straining Activities

Scooping and straining activities are a great way for children aged 12 months and up to develop their fine motor skills and coordination. This is a fantastic activity that you can create at home using two bowls, some water, a strainer, and some sea shells. Remember to present from left to right to prepare your child for writing and reading.

Home Lesson One

  1. Locate two bowls, a tray, a strainer, a jug of water, and some sea shells
  2. Place the shells in the left bowl
  3. Fill both bowls just under halfway with water
  4. Using the strainer, show your child how to transfer the shells from left to right, and back again
  5. Invite your child to take a turn
  6. Return the objects to their original container
  7. Pack away

Curriculum Area

Practical Life

Age Group

12 months and up


  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Develop hand-eye coordination
  • Prepare children for more complex transfer activities

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