Treasure Basket Activities

Treasure Basket Activities

Treasure baskets are a wonderful way to introduce your infant to different objects and textures. You can compile your own Treasure Baskets from found objects at home with a variety of different textures. These baskets can contain a range of different objects or follow a theme such as ‘yellow’ or ‘kitchen.’ The possibilities are endless! Please ensure you select objects that are child-safe and not a choking hazard. Treasure basket activities should always be supervised.

Home Lesson One

  1. Locate a range of different objects from around your home and place them in a basket
  2. Show your infant one object at a time and allow them to explore the object  (younger infants will attempt to mouth objects)
  3. Add language to describe the objects such as “soft” and “hard”

Home Lesson Two

  1. To extend on this activity vary the types of objects in your treasure baskets to encompass a variety of sensory experiences