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Transfer Activities

Tong transfer activities are a wonderful way to develop fine motor skills, coordination, and concentration. Transfer activities can be introduced to children from the time they are capable of self-feeding. However, transfer activities are also enjoyed by toddler and preschool aged children. For added complexity, try introducing different types of tongs, and chopsticks. Remember to present from left to right to prepare your child for writing and reading.

Home Lesson One

  1. Locate two containers, such as an ice cube tray and a bowl, or two bowls and a set of tongs
  2. Locate a set of objects for transferring such as large beads or other objects that are not a choking hazard
  3. Place the objects you are going to transfer into one container on your left
  4. Show your child how to transfer one object at a time into the second container, using tongs, in a left to right movement
  5. Invite your child to take a turn
  6. Return the objects to their original container

Home Lesson Two

  1. Extend on this activity by using different types of tongs

Home Lesson Three

  1. For a further extension use chopsticks and smaller objects