April 2017 - Montessori

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Month: April 2017

Cosmic Education is a cornerstone of the Montessori Philosophy. At its core, Cosmic Education tells the story of the interconnectedness of all things. It describes the role of education as comprehensive, holistic and purposeful; to encompass the development of the whole person within the context of the universe. It also introduces the possibility that humanity might have a “cosmic task,” to better the world for future generations.

More Australian families are now choosing to send their children to preschool programs within Long Day Care, like that offered by Montessori Academy, rather than short-hour preschools.

With Easter just around the corner, we're happy to release another printable for the long weekend ahead!

The Montessori Academy Group is bringing its unique style of early learning education to Narellan.

On Saturday 1st April, Montessori Academy opened its doors to host the grand opening of its Earlwood child care centre located at 32 Fricourt Avenue, Earlwood.

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