Sector Update: More Australian Families Choosing Long Day Care over Preschool

More Australian families are now choosing to send their children to preschool programs within Long Day Care, like that offered by Montessori Academy, rather than short-hour preschools.

The latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows 51% of Australian children aged four to five who attend Preschool, do so within the Long Day Care context. In Queensland and New South Wales this number is significantly higher, at 71% and 65% respectively.

Almost 89% of Australian four year olds are enrolled in some form of Preschool, with more than 70% attending 15 hours or more per week.

Kellie Chahroura, Montessori Academy Senior Area Manager, expressed that the trend toward Long Day Care was unsurprising.

“It reflects the changes in everyday life for Australian families. Most families have both parents working full, if not part time. Long Day Care helps support these families. Short-hour preschools requiring pick up and drop off in working hours do not.”

Montessori Academy is a Long Day Care Early Education provider of choice within New South Wales.

With a unique blended Montessori and EYLF curriculum, and school-readiness programs from the age of two years, Montessori Academy prepares children for school and life success.

Our long opening hours, conveniently located campuses, and provision of meals and nappies (at most campuses) helps us accommodate busy, modern Australian families across Sydney.

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