With our Glebe centre set to open in the following weeks, we thought we should introduce you to our new Team Leader and Centre Manager, Lisa Sturt.

Take a read through below to find out all about Lisa’s experience and her passion for early childhood education.

What is your professional background?

I have been a part of the Early Childhood Education industry for the past ten years, working as a Teacher and Centre Director in a variety of contexts. My career in Early Childhood Education began in the Snowy Mountains town of Tumut where I was born and raised. Following my first year as leader of the Preschool Room I took on the role of Centre Director and began studying a Bachelor of Education via distance education. Upon completion of my degree I moved away from my hometown to embark on the next step of my personal and professional journey. This brought me to Sydney where I have been working as a Centre Director for the past two years. Since making Sydney my home I have reunited with the world of study with the hope to learn more about myself as a professional and discover all that I can about the early years.

How long have you worked in Early Childhood Education?

Ten years.

What do you love most about your job?

The warmth of enriching a child’s life through education, and consequently humanity, by partnering with them during their most formative years. During the first six years of life, children’s learning takes place from all that surrounds them, and this learning stays with them to form the foundations of who they will become as an adult. That’s a pretty amazing thing.

What are you most excited about in regards to the opening of Glebe Montessori Academy?

Being a part of the growth of a newly formed early childhood community that is unique to the people and environment it is home to. I’m also really excited about working in The Abbey, which is beautiful part of Sydney’s history.

What do you like most about Montessori Education?

The calmness that is created by the daily rhythm and routine, and the way that the carefully prepared environment embraces the progression of children’s learning, moving with purpose.

Who/what inspires you most?

I find myself inspired by countless things in all areas of my life. From the beauty of nature, to people who challenge the status quo, to those who enrich their own lives and humanity by igniting their passion and sharing it with the world. In the area of Early Childhood Education I am most inspired by the ideas of Sir Ken Robinson, Doctor Maria Montessori, and Rudolf Steiner.

What is your favourite children’s story?

‘Oh The Places You’ll Go’ by Dr Seuss.

What are you excited to teach the children/families at your centre?

I hope to share my advocacy for play, nature based learning, and the creative arts in Early Childhood Education.

What’s your favourite recipe?

Cacao, blueberry and raspberry muffins with cacao coconut butter.