February 2017 - Montessori

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Month: February 2017

On Friday 24th February, Greenacre Montessori Academy proudly celebrated its ten-year anniversary with a children's carnival day.

Families that are new to Montessori often ask: “How does Montessori encourage creativity?” This question often arises as the Montessori method is not overtly known for encouraging creative pursuits. In fact, Montessori is renowned for discouraging fiction and fairy tales.

The Sandpaper Globe, also known as the land and water globe, is an introductory geography material from the Sensorial Curriculum.

Freedom within limits is a core Montessori concept. For parents that are new to Montessori, this concept may seem contradictory. After all, aren’t limits and rules the opposite of freedom?

Montessori Academy's Earlwood child care centre is just three weeks away from completion of construction.

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