Greenacre Montessori Academy Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

On Friday 24th February, Greenacre Montessori Academy proudly celebrated its ten-year anniversary with a children’s carnival day.

The event commenced with a welcome by Centre Manager, Bernadette Azzi, who spoke about the history of Greenacre Montessori Academy.

“Over the past 10 years, Greenacre Montessori Academy has built a trusted reputation as a leading preschool provider. This reputation is based on the commitment of our staff, the quality of our teaching, and our supportive partnerships with families.

“We are humbled by the loyalty and trust of the families who have entrusted us with the care of their children over the last ten years. It has been our privilege to educate them and watch them grow, from the eldest, to the youngest of siblings,” said Bernadette Azzi.

Along with a focus on company history, the anniversary event was also a magical celebration for the service’s current students. Event entertainment included carnival themed games, a picnic lunch, and a performance by Magician Peter Wood.

Special guests at the event included the Principle and School Captains of St John Vianney Catholic Primary School, and the Principle at Holy Saviour Primary School. Montessori Academy’s Director and Founder, Colette Assaf, together with members of the Management Team, and three previous Centre Managers, were also in attendance.

Over the past decade, Greenacre Montessori Academy has educated more than 500 students aged two to six years. The service’s oldest students are now in grade six and seven, preparing for their journey into secondary education.

“Our team look forward to another wonderful decade of strengthening family partnerships, creating and cherishing new memories, and celebrating new milestones.

“We look forward to seeing the wonderful achievements that our students, past and present, make as they begin their careers as lifelong learners,” said Bernadette Azzi.

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