Trinomial Puzzle

The Trinomial Cube is a traditional Montessori Material that prepares children for Mathematics and the Trinomial Equation. To practice this activity at home you can use the supplied print out to build one level of the cube as a 2D puzzle.

Home Lesson One

  1. Print and laminate the supplied printables including the control page and the cut-out page
  2. Lay out the control page
  3. Lay out the cut-out puzzle pieces randomly on the work space
  4. Locate the largest puzzle piece and build the spine using the coloured cubes
  5. Match the remaining rectangles to the correct position on the control sheet
  6. Reposition the puzzle pieces randomly on the table
  7. Invite your child to have a turn

Downloadable Printables

Supplied Printables

  1. Trinomial Cube Puzzle


Download printable

Curriculum Area


Age Group

3 – 6 years


  • To build the cube
  • Develop visual discrimination
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Prepare children for mathematics

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