Dinosaurs are a popular interest amongst Montessori Academy students. Below you will find a range of activities that you can do to expand on your child’s interest whilst also incorporating Montessori learning principles.

Turning Interests into Learning Opportunities

  1. Identify the interest.
  2. What resources do you have at home already?
  3. Brainstorming what you can do with what you have.
  4. What learning can take place?

Dinosaur Resource Pack

  1. Volcano experiment
  2. Dinosaur language cards
  3. Footprint matching
  4. Dinosaur seriation
  5. Dinosaur classification words
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Dinosaur Skip Counting

Use your biped and quadruped dinosaurs to practice skip counting by two and four.

Dinosaur Colour Sorting

Use dinosaur erasers to practice colour sorting.

Dinosaur Washing

Turn your child’s interest in dinosaurs into a Montessori Practical Life activity.

Dinosaur Classification & Sorting

Extend on your child’s interest in dinosaurs with classification and sorting activities. Start by separating dinosaur models into bipeds and quadrupeds.

Dinosaur Seriation

Sort your child’s collection of dinosaurs from largest to smallest as a seriation exercise.

Identify Dinosaur Names with the Alphabet Cards

Use the supplied alphabet cards that are modelled on the Sandpaper Letters to assist your child with recognising the letters at the beginning of each dinosaur species.

Dinosaur Small World

Create a distinction between work and play by creating a Dinosaur small world.

Volcano Experiment

Create your own volcano experiment at home to extend on your child’s interest in Dinosaurs.

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