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A Montessori Approach to Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are a popular interest amongst Montessori Academy students. Click through to find a range of activities that you can do to expand on your child’s interest whilst also incorporating Montessori learning principles.

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Story Time

Join in for Story Time via Montessori Academy’s YouTube Channel, choose an audiobook from Audible or take a look at The Story Time Family and Story Time at Awnie’s House.

Music & Movement

Get singing and dancing with the playlists from Super Simple Songs or take an online dance class at Circle Time!

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Get Active

Take a look at Kids YouTube for some great ideas about how to get moving at home! Cosmic Kids Yoga and Bounce Patrol are a great place to start!

Cook Together

Prepare a snack or a meal together from the collection of recipes on Healthy Kids or Jamie Oliver’s Cooking with Kids.


Explore resources about gardening and outdoor activities with children such as Dirt Girl World, Blipi, and Gardening with Kids.

Get Creative

Browse a range of fun craft activities for all ages on Kidspot, ABC Make, and The Best Ideas for Kids.

Learning From Home

Download the LOVE Talk SING Read PLAY App and explore the early learning resources available on Kinderling, NSW Department of Education, Learning from Home, and Resourcing Parents.

Indigenous & Torres Strait Islander

Read an Indigenous Dreamtime Story together, download resources from the Deadly Tots App or take a look at the Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander resources on the Early Childhood Resource Hub.

ABC Kids

Take a look at ABC Kids Listen, ABC Kids on iView, and the ABC Kids Make website for some great resources and activities for children.

Go on a Virtual Field Trip

Did you know that you can do a virtual tour of amazing zoos and virtual field trips to museums and aquariums from all around the world? You could be exploring the depths of the ocean one day and checking in on a train of cuddling koalas the next!