Meet Sandhina Sisodia, Melbourne Montessori Academy Area Manager 

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Meet Sandhina Sisodia, Melbourne Montessori Academy Area Manager

By Montessori Academy17/01/24

From IT to Childcare …. Introducing Area Manager Sandhina Sisodia 

Why did you make the change to Childcare? 

After six years in IT, I made the decision to find a job that gave me a better work-life balance, as a first-time mum. I went on to complete the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, then my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, and lastly my Victoria Institute of Teaching registration. 

My childcare journey began initially in 2013, and I later joined Montessori Academy in 2019. 

Why do you value Montessori Education? 

Working in Montessori education is a unique and fulfilling experience. The emphasis on child-centred learning creates an environment where curiosity is nurtured and a child’s initial love for learning starts. Being able to observe the development of each child, through social, emotional, and physical growth is rewarding to me as an educator, making every day rewarding. 

Why Montessori Academy? 

My passion for Montessori education led me to Montessori Academy. The company’s child-first philosophy has always resonated with me. I have thoroughly enjoyed working at Montessori Academy as there is the opportunity to contribute to the formation of well-rounded individuals, whilst knowing that my wellbeing is considered and valued. 

In 2019, I joined Montessori Academy as a kinder teacher and quickly progressed my way to second in charge at the Clayton childcare centre. Within a year, I was promoted to Centre Manager, where I embraced many challenges which allowed me to grow as a leader. I later moved to Forest Hill where I enjoyed building teams and fostering relationships with families throughout my progression in that role. In 2022, I was further promoted to Area Manager for Montessori Academy in Victoria. 

I appreciate all the opportunities that Montessori Academy has provided me with to allow me to grow personally and professionally but also cherish the knowledge that the Montessori philosophy has provided me.