Been here from the beginning … Meet Senior Area Manager Kellie Chahroura                              

When did you first start at Montessori Academy and how have you progressed throughout the company into the role you are in today?

I first started working at the Croydon Montessori Academy, when Charles and Colette first opened the business in the year 2000.

My journey first began as an Early Childhood Teacher and Nominated Supervisor. I then left in 2004 to have my son and returned in 2007 when they opened their second service in Greenacre where I was Nominated Supervisor and Preschool Room Leader, later moving to our Paramatta and Castle Hill centre until becoming an Area Manager in 2014. Then being promoted to Senior Manager in 2016.

How has your experience been working at Montessori Academy?

My experience working with Montessori Academy has been very rewarding and at times, challenging. Although I have loved growing with the company and having the opportunity to work in a high-level management position. Colette, Charles, and Rami have been continually supportive and have demonstrated their trust in my ability to deliver and provide the best care and leadership. I work with wonderful people and children, and I feel very blessed. I can confidently say that I will finish my career in early childhood education with Montessori Academy.

Do you feel that Montessori Academy has had an impact on your professional and personal growth?

I definitely feel that Montessori Academy has been instrumental in both my professional and personal growth. Without the trust, support and the opportunities I have been afforded by Montessori Academy I would not be the confident teacher, leader and colleague I am today. The values that have been passed down to me whilst working at MA have been mirrored in my personal life and have allowed me to be in the position I am in today.

What’s the best bit of career advice you would give to educators starting in the childcare industry?

My best career advice would be to have a genuine love and passion for working with children, have fun, and seize every opportunity that presents itself to you so that you can grow both professionally and personally.