February 2022 - Montessori

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Month: February 2022

The Montessori approach to early childhood education can help your child envision the world around them with creativity and curiosity. As they develop in the early years keeping them comfortable, positive, and motivated is crucial, as the first six years of their life form the crux of their personality and zest for life.

Separation anxiety in children is a common concern that almost every parent will deal with at some point. However, it is most prevalent during infancy for children aged 8 months to 10 months and is generally considered a normal part of early childhood development.

Resilience refers to the ability to recover from adversities easily. When a child is resilient, they remain adaptable, curious and brave, no matter how difficult or stressful the circumstances might be.

Are you ready to establish your successful career as an educator at a childcare centre in Australia? To ace your childcare job interview, you’ll want to make sure that you put your best foot forward by showcasing your personality, strong skills, and a team player mindset.

Montessori Academy’s Third Annual Charity Gala Ball was held at Bankstown Sports Club on Friday, 18th November. The event raised over $40,000  for two very important charities, the Dunlea Centre (Australia’s Original Boy’s Town) in Engadine, and Montfort Boys Town in Fiji.

On December 4th 2016, Montessori Academy had the pleasure of being invited to hold a stall at the Greenacre Family Fun Day on December 7th, 2016.

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