2020 - Montessori

Date Published

Year: 2020

In October 2020, the team at Turramurra Montessori Academy went through the Assessment and Rating process by ACECQA and achieved an Exceeding the National Quality Standards Rating. 

During their early years, children undergo a crucial period of development where they build the foundations of their immune system.

Critical reflection refers to the ability to examine all aspects of your program, practice, and service environment with honesty and purpose. 

During Pinktober, Montessori Academy actively promotes breast cancer awareness and fundraising through student and staff activities. 

Taking on the Montessori approach at home can be a daunting task. After all, Montessori educators complete extensive training and specialise in interpreting and guiding children's learning based on years of  practice. 

Learning observations are essential tools that assist in documenting, assessing, interpreting, and guiding children's learning. 

Providing children with a caring environment that is rich in appropriately challenging activities is the key to developing problem-solving and higher-order processing skills.

Learning how to wash your hands is simple and fun with our hand washing infographic. This free printable provides visual cues to remind your little one to practice the good hygiene habit of hand washing.

As news and public conversations surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to dominate headlines worldwide, children may worry about themselves, their family, and their loved ones getting ill.

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