March 2018 - Montessori

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Month: March 2018

The sensorial curriculum area is unique to Montessori education, encouraging children to engage all five senses in their learning, forming concreate ideas from the abstract in their environments. The Geometric Solids are a key part of the sensorial curriculum area, allowing children to understand 3D shapes by making them tangible objects.

Raising children is one of the most challenging and rewarding roles you will ever undertake. Some days are more challenging than others; however, the rewards are so very worthwhile. After all, what is more fulfilling than seeing your little ones grow into happy and confident children who are empowered with resilience and independence?

Growth Award Winner ~ Noelle Tsang, Centre Manager at Macquarie Park Montessori Academy

In March this year, Entrada Montessori Academy was recognised by the Australian Children’s Care and Quality Authority (ACECQA) as an Exceeding Rated child care service.

On March 8, Montessori Academy celebrated International Women’s Day to recognise women’s achievements throughout history, and to educate all students about the importance of gender equality.

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