On March 8, Montessori Academy celebrated International Women’s Day to recognise women’s achievements throughout history, and to educate all students about the importance of gender equality.

To celebrate this important day, campuses across Sydney learned about influential women, such as Doctor Maria Montessori, Mother Theresa, and Amelia Earhart. Students also spoke about the women they admire in their own lives, and their aspirations for the future.

The core theme for the day was women and girls tackling challenges, pursuing their passions, and reflecting on how both boys and girls can create a better future for all women across the globe.

Colette Assaf, Director Montessori Academy, discussed the importance of educating students about women’s contributions to society and culture, encouraging them to pursue any career that interests them, and promoting equal opportunities in the classroom and at play.

“These lessons aim to promote a culture of respect, build a platform for equal opportunity, and inspire the next generation of young women and men to go out and change the world,” she said.