when to start looking for childcare

As a new parent, you might think that choosing childcare can wait a while. But if you’re a working family, it might be worth considering daycare sooner than you thought. Planning ahead of time can help alleviate the inevitable stress of parenting and give your family more enrolment options later down the track. Read on for tips on how and when to start searching for childcare in Australia.

The beginning of the beginning

Childcare in Sydney and elsewhere in Australia is an excellent option for working parents wanting someone to care for and teach their children during the working week. Childcare teams can also help with different school readiness programmes and help your young child comfortably adjust to a new early learning environment.

When enquiring at a daycare or preschool near you, consider your lifestyle, parenting goals, and preferred schedule or starting date. Like popular primary schools, many childcare centres in high-demand areas may have a waiting list. As such, some families may explore options in childcare well in advance to avoid future disappointment.

Form your opinion

While searching on the internet for an “early learning centre near me“, you will likely get several suggestions. It’s worthwhile making an informed decision by exploring options both online and offline. This may include:

  • Browsing the childcare websites of the early learning providers that you are interested in.
  • Research the centres’ philosophy to see if they align with your parenting goals.
  • Reading online reviews from other parents.
  • Visiting the daycare with your child to get a feel of the space.
  • Talking to parents who are already sending their children to different school readiness programs in Australia.

The right time

While there might not be a one-size-fits-all solution to choosing the perfect time to send your child to a childcare centre, many families find that Montessori education programs are tailored to accommodate all levels of learning and development.

Many preschool or kindergarten children greatly benefit from the academic foundations that are introduced in the Montessori infant and toddler program. However, as the curriculum is highly adaptable, children that enroll later can still enjoy the school readiness benefits of Montessori early education.

Ultimately, childcare is a family decision that is never too early to begin considering (especially in high-demand areas). Joining a childcare waiting list in advance will offer your family more confidence in securing a future position at your preferred early learning provider in the near future.

Montessori Academy supports working families by operating long daycare hours from 7:30 am to 6 pm at most childcare locations in Sydney, Hunter, Melbourne, and Canberra.