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Science Week 2018

By Montessori Academy17/08/18

From 11th – 19th of August, Montessori Academy celebrated National Science Week! This week of exciting experiments and events aims to encourage children to be interested in science, and to be fascinated by the world we live in. Below are age appropriate activities our students participated in during Science Week:

Science Activities

0-1 Age Group
Magnet experiments: Children experimented with different sized magnets and magnetic materials to discover how positive and negative ions attract and repel.

1-2 Age Group
Play dough experiments: The educators created play dough with their children. Students observed the change of state that occurs when combining different ingredients needed to create play dough.

2-3 Age Group
Goop experiments: The toddlers enjoyed creating different coloured batches of stretchy goop with their educators.

3-4 Age Group
Tornado in a bottle experiments: By combining water, glitter and dish washing detergent in a clear bottle, our students created and observed their very own mini tornado in a bottle.

4-6 Age Group
Exploding soda and Volcano experiments: Our students observed the chemical reaction that occurs when adding vinegar solution to bi-carbonate soda through a clear glass bottle.