Montessori Academy is proud to deliver a Montessori early education program that exceeds the expectations of our families. We value family feedback and are constantly striving to improve all aspects of our service.

What do families have to say about Montessori Academy?

“My son Benjamin has been attending Montessori Academy since June last year and I couldn’t be happier with his progress! When he first started, Benjamin couldn’t write or sound out letters. He can now write capital and lower case letters, spell small words, and read and write his name. The centre is always actively looking for ways to make learning fun with show and tell, dress up days, and offering the children something new and challenging every day. Finally, my son’s teachers are incredible and I truly appreciate their help and support in shaping my son’s education.”
Heather – Condell Park Montessori Academy Parent

“I wanted to the Croydon Montessori Academy team for all the hard work they have put into our children. I’ve had many dealings in the past with many agencies and preschools. Montessori Academy is by far the best. Our children are always happy when they leave the Academy for the day. Also we have seen how much knowledge they’ve taken away from their experiences at your school. I am extremely grateful for your team for their attention, love and care. What an incredible team of Educators.”
Fatek – Croydon Montessori Academy Parent

“Great work team!! We love sending Jack to Barangaroo Montessori because he loves coming to see you all!”
Jackie – Barangaroo Montessori Academy Parent

“Thank you to the teachers at Macquarie Park Montessori Academy! It feels so good to know that my daughter has teachers like you. I have witnessed your dedication and love in teaching your pupils, and I’m so blessed that Ella is in your class. She has showed me so many things she has learned throughout the year. I also greatly enjoyed reading the annual report and seeing the amount of effort that went into my daughter’s progression book. We appreciate everything you do and want you to know that you are making a big difference in Ella’s life.”
Anabella – Macquarie Park Montessori Academy Parent

“My daughter has attended Montessori Smithfield since she was 18 months old, she is now 5, preparing to enter Kindergarten and a new chapter of life as she knows it. A wealth of knowledge has been give to our child from Smithfield Montessori Academy. She is in many aspects a “Montessori Child”. The consistent guidance from Smithfield’s dedicated Educators has aided in her development of skills in so many capacities of culture, practical life, language and maths. We strongly believe the calm atmosphere of the classrooms, and the diversity and grace of each teacher, have gifted our child, and others, with an environment that they can feel comfortable to learn and grow.”
Joanne – Smithfield Montessori Academy Parent

“We are delighted with all your hard work and dedication. Our son Benji loves you all dearly and we are so, so proud of the intelligent, independent, well-mannered little boy he has become. Awesome start to a great year.”
Louise – Barangaroo Montessori Academy Parent

My daughter Zahra joined Greenacre Montessori Academy is February 2016. After the first week, I knew I had made the right decision. My daughter is in the best hands ever, she loves going there, and has learned so much. Everything about this centre is beyond incredible and I would recommend it to any parent. So thank you Team Greenacre for taking such good care of my daughter.
Ross – Greenacre Montessori Academy Parent

“I would like to congratulate the Macquarie Park staff on putting so much effort into raising the importance of maintaining healthy teeth to my child who is in the toddler room. As an educator myself, it is wonderful that this topic has been promoted in such various ways to incorporate how children in today’s world learn and keep stimulated. Within this I mean, class discussions, role playing, and using a short educational video with a character that most toddler children are familiar with. I will be investigating other educational videos on this topic for home use to build the connection between home and daycare learnings for such a valuable lifelong skill.”
Christine – Macquarie Park Montessori Academy Parent

“Since my son Ben has attended Lane Cove Montessori Academy, he has come out of his shell and become a happy and confident toddler. We love how the staff greet our son and the other children, treating them with respect. We also appreciate how Ben’s interests are also combined with the curriculum, making him involved, happy and special! I would like to thank all the staff for their honest and hard work, and consistent support.”
Neda – Lane Cove Montessori Academy Parent