“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.”

Doctor Maria Montessori

At Montessori Academy, we believe that the orientation process is an important part of successfully transitioning new children into the Montessori environment.

That’s why we offer a complimentary orientation session for all newly enrolled families. Once your child’s enrolment is finalised, you will be invited to book in an orientation. This will be at a time and date that is convenient for you and your little one.

This is a great opportunity to bring in any outstanding paperwork, and discuss your child’s needs with the Centre Manager and Room Leader. You will also have the opportunity to be there for your child’s first Montessori experience.

At most Montessori Academy child care centres, orientation occurs from 9am – 11am on weekdays. The best time to schedule in a visit is a few days before your child commences care. This allows your child to become familiar with the environment before they start.

The two-hour introductory session provides children with the opportunity to begin building a relationship with their teachers, meet their classmates, and explore the Montessori materials.

Families are welcome to participate in the classroom, or spend time in other areas of the centre’s facilities, such as the Parent Library.