Parent Reviews of Montessori Academy

Families typically choose Montessori Education because it aligns with their parenting style, views about early childhood education, and aspirations for their child. Parents with a ‘Montessori Mindset’ see that children are immensely capable, and equally value the importance of children’s wellbeing and academics.

Why Families Choose Montessori 

Choosing the right early education provider begins with finding the people, place, and program that makes you feel like your family belong.

Families that choose Montessori Academy value the importance of early childhood education and want their child to have the best start to life. This is a given.

Dig deeper, and you will find what we call a ‘Montessori Mindset,’ which is a set of core beliefs and values that shape how you parent, your aspirations for your child, and how you feel about the role education plays in life.

If you agree with the points below, you know you’re in great company. We look forward to welcoming you to the Montessori Academy Community!

Why Families Choose Us

  • Personalised Curriculum
  • Encourages independence
  • Holistic approach to learning and development
  • Develops problem solving skills
  • Encourages social skills and collaboration
  • Addresses all learning styles
  • Promotes a life-long love of learning

Parent Reviews

“My son Benjamin has been attending Montessori Academy since June last year and I couldn’t be happier with his progress! When he first started, Benjamin couldn’t write or sound out letters. He can now write capital and lower case letters, spell small words, and read and write his name. The centre is always actively looking for ways to make learning fun with show and tell, dress up days, and offering the children something new and challenging every day. Finally, my son’s teachers are incredible and I truly appreciate their help and support in shaping my son’s education.”

Heather / Condell Park Montessori Academy

Absolutely love the Auburn Centre, the staff are very supportive, loving and helpful. My daughter has been there since she was 1 years old, and always looks forward to coming to the centre to learn and have fun every day.

Khadige Elhelou / Auburn Montessori Academy

I wanted to thank the Croydon Montessori Academy team for all the hard work they have put into our children. I’ve had many dealings in the past with many agencies and preschools. Montessori Academy is by far the best. Our children are always happy when they leave the Academy for the day. Also we have seen how much knowledge they’ve taken away from their experiences at your school. I am extremely grateful for your team for their attention, love and care. What an incredible team of Educators.”

Fatek / Croydon Montessori Academy

The educators are absolutely wonderful! Everyone is so full of energy. Such a clean and beautiful campus. Would highly recommend! The centre manager and admin is worth noting, they are always around to say hello or if I have any queries, they are always so helpful!

Jackson Figueiras / Alexandria Montessori Academy

Highly recommend this centre! I was nervous about my daughter transitioning into child care but the carers and management were there every step of the way to make things easy for both my girl and for me. My daughter loves her days there and I have the peace of mind knowing that she is being taken care of well, and that she is in an environment that helps her learn and explore. My daughter needed some extra attention with her routine, which the carers really made an effort to accommodate. I cannot recommend this centre highly enough – in fact we are due for our second baby soon and have already enroled our bub for the coming year.

Ann Park / Burwood Road Montessori Academy

My daughter absolutely loves her time here. The teachers are caring and wonderful and the kids do so many activities throughout the day. I know she is being stimulated and that she’s learning and having fun. Would highly recommend this centre to all parents.

Yvette McKenzie / Barangaroo Montessori Academy

Sending our son to Burwood Montessori Academy was the best decision we made. As a teacher myself, I am picky about education, care and staff but I am so so happy with the learning and love that is given to my 2yr old everyday. The staff are amazing and so skilled and the ratios are better than anywhere we had seen. The education that is received is outstanding. When friends and family comment on my sons good manners or his fast developing skills, I proudly say “he goes to a Montessori school”.

Elizabeth Gilberthorpe / Burwood Montessori Academy

I highly recommend this childcare. My daughter loved attending the centre and staff are always helpful, caring and professional. Communication is clear and timely and the regular updates we receive from the centre gives a great insight on what our child is interested in doing throughout the day. Meals are healthy and the day structured in a way that gives kids a love for learning and an interest in the discovery process for their curious minds. 🙂

Patrick Aitken / Entrada Montessori Academy

My eldest son has been at Montessori Academy Engadine for nearly 3 years, and my youngest started a couple of months ago. We absolutely love the centre because of the educators and the separate outdoor areas and large, clean rooms. I love that the staff turnover is very low, and that the educators who cared and taught my eldest son in the baby room, now care and educate my youngest son 3 years on. The communication and support from the Centre Manager, 2IC and the administration team is great and they are always happy to answer any questions or concerns that I may have. Overall, I would wholeheartedly recommend this centre to anyone for their children.

Eliza Clark / Engadine Montessori Academy

As new parents, we wanted the best for our child. We decided to go with Montesorri Academy. Management and educators are exceptional, they care and educate parents and children alike. They accommodate and work with the family needs at all times. Educators that care and look after your child everyday, they spend a lot of time on the child’s development and progress . The educators take pride in the work they do, us as parents do not thank them enough for all they do for our children and our families.

Chris Xavier / Macquarie Park Montessori Academy

My 1 year old really enjoys going to Montessori. I really appreciate all the educators for caring and treating my little one as if she is their own child. I also appreciate the different Montessori led style activities they get the infants to do. Such great practical skills! We have really seen the skills our little one has picked up since going to Montessori. Keep it up Shepherd bay team!

Chelsea Mok / Shepherds Bay Montessori Academy

A true community – the educators and management are switched on, professional, attentive, responsive, and caring. Our daughter has been there since before she could walk or talk, and will stay until it’s time to go to school. We’re a real warm and close family there, despite the size of the centre. Highly recommended!

Paula Honnibal / Crows Nest Montessori Academy