Montessori Academy is pleased to announce that construction of our Alexandria childcare centre, located at Building 2, 160 Bourke Road, Sydney Corporate Park is now complete.

Alexandria Montessori Academy, a purpose-built childcare centre that has been designed to inspire and engage, is on track to open its doors in November 2015.

General Manager for Centre Operations, Meray Parsons, said: “Our new Alexandria childcare centre is set to be a living example of Montessori Academy’s continued efforts to set a new standard for the future of early childhood education.

“The centre will provide children with an exceptional learning environment where they feel free to explore and create, establish strong foundations for future learning, and truly thrive,” she said.

At present, Montessori Academy’s Centre Set Up Team are in the process of fitting out the centre’s spacious classrooms and play areas, and preparing the centre for full operations.

Once complete, the centre will have inspiration themed learning environments, natural outdoor play areas, and innovative indoor-outdoor learning spaces.

Like all Montessori Academy childcare centres, our Alexandria centre will deliver a Montessori Education Program tailored to the Early Years Learning Framework, as well as exceptional educational resources and facilities. The centre will also be sun-safe and allergy aware.

Alexandria Montessori Academy will be the fifth Montessori Academy childcare centre to open in Sydney City, joining King Street, Victoria Park, Barangaroo and Glebe.

For more information please contact:

Phone: (02) 9799 4771