Employee Registration for Montessori Training College - Montessori

Employee Registration for Montessori Training College

Montessori Training Academy is Montessori Academy’s online training centre that offers comprehensive training to enhance your teaching skills and expand your expertise. Exclusively available to Montessori Academy educators, register today so that you can learn anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.

Where should I start?

We highly recommend starting with the flagship course, An Introduction to Montessori Practice and Philosophy. This course provides a deep dive into the Montessori philosophy, methodology, and key principles to equip you with a solid foundation for your Montessori journey.

Register below to be issued with login details. Please note that casual educators that have demonstrated active employment in the last 3-months will be granted temporary access to the Montessori Foundations course until 30th September 2024 only. Permanent full-time and part-time team members will have ongoing access via their work email address ending in (@montessoriacademy.com.au).

Employee Registration for Montessori Training College

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