Red Rods

The Red Rods are a Montessori material from the sensorial curriculum area. They are designed to isolate the visual discrimination of length.

Home Lesson One: Matching  

  1. Print and laminate the Red Rod pages and cut out each of the rods individually
  2. Prepare your work space
  3. Invite your child to work: “I have an activity to do with you”
  4. Place the red rods randomly in front of you
  5. Scanning with your hand over the rods say: “I am looking for the longest one”
  6. Take and place the longest red rod in the top left corner of your work space (table or rug)
  7. Repeat step four and place the red rod immediately below the longest one making sure the left edge is straight
  8. Invite your child to continue with the activity
  9. Remember to have your child pack away when they have finished with the activity

Extension Activities

Please view the video to see how this activity can be extended to develop your child’s creative and aesthetic sensibilities.

Downloadable Red Roads Printable

  1. Red Rods Printable
Download Resource Pack

Curriculum Area


Age Group

2 – 5 years


  • Develop visual discrimination and comparison by length
  • Preparation for base ten in mathematics

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