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Pink Tower

Create your own 2D version of the Montessori Pink Tower to introduce your child to size gradation. The Pink Tower also indirectly acquaints children with the concept of base ten and the decimal system in mathematics.

Home Lesson One: Seriation Largest to Smallest

  1. Print and laminate the Pink Tower sheets, cut out the 10 individual pink squares, and place them in a container
  2. Prepare your work space with a small rug or towel/bath mat on the floor
  3. Invite your child: “I have an activity to show you”
  4. Place the Pink Tower squares randomly in front of you
  5. Scanning with your hand over the pink squares say: “I am looking for the biggest one”
  6. Take and place the biggest square in the centre on the left side of your rug/towel
  7. Repeat step five and place the square immediately to the right of the previous square, keeping it centred
  8. Invite your child to continue with the activity until they have placed all the 10 squares from largest to smallest
  9. Remember to have your child pack away

Home Lesson Two: Seriation Smallest to Largest

  1. Complete the above activity starting from smallest to largest

Pink Tower Printable

  1. Pink Tower