Flower Arranging

Flower arranging is a fantastic activity that assists children in developing their ability to discriminate visually and to exercise judgement over size and capacity. All you need to complete this activity at home is a selection of vases and fresh or artificial flowers cut at different lengths.

Home Lesson One

  1. Locate a range of different sized vases and place them randomly on your work space
  2. Locate a range of real or artificial flowers and cut them to different lengths that match the size of the vases
  3. Place them in a container or basket to your left
  4. Order the vases from largest to smallest
  5. Take one flower and line it up against each of the vases until a suitable match is made
  6. Repeat
  7. Invite your child to continue the activity

Home Lesson Two

  1. Extend on this activity by adding language to describe the colours and types of the flowers

Home Lesson Three

  1. Extend further by showing your child how to count the flowers that go into each vase

Curriculum Area

Practical Life

Age Group

2 – 6 years


  • Develop visual discrimination
  • Develop a sense of aesthetics
  • Exercise judgement over size and capacity
  • Refine fine motor skills

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