Mother’s Day Craft Activities

Create a beautiful Mother’s Day card using seriated hearts! This activity teaches children to discriminate smallest to largest and darkest to lightest. For older children, this activity also provides cutting and glueing practice.

Craft Activity One: Make a Flower of Hearts

  1. Cut out the hearts from the resource pack
  2. Arrange them from largest to smallest
  3. Arrange them from darkest to lightest
  4. Layer each set of hearts
  5. Combine to create a flower
  6. Add a dab of glue to a piece of paper to convert your flower into a card

Craft Activity Two: Transfer Painting

  1. Take a piece of paper and fold it down the middle
  2. Draw half a heart on one side
  3. Dab a few drops of paint inside the heart
  4. Fold the paper back in half
  5. Smear the paint and open the card
  6. Allow to dry
  7. Fold down the middle and cut around the half heart shape

Craft Activity Three: A Box of Love 

  1. Cut out the messages of love and thanks from the resource pack
  2. Fold and place into a small box
  3. Add lots of hugs and kisses
  4. Attach a Mother’s Day card

Downloadable Mother’s Day Resource Pack

  1. Write a message to mum
  2. Colour grading
  3. Love pancakes recipe
  4. Make a flower of hearts
  5. Things I love to do with Mum language cards
  6. Flower Matching
  7. Heart counting
  8. Puzzles
Download Resource Pack

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