Childcare comparison site Toddle launches free children’s eBook on COVID-19



During these uncertain times, it’s normal for adults to feel overwhelmed and confused about what is going on. For children, their routines have changed which can bring up a lot of questions. Life feels different as we adjust to the new normal.

Knowing that parents would be trying to find a way to explain the COVID-19 world to their children, Toddle decided to bridge the gap. They created six ‘Little Monster’ characters, which are based on the six children’s personality archetypes.

The characters were introduced in a book called The Boogers Are Coming, which aims to educate children about germs, how they spread and how they can stay healthy so that they feel empowered.

From Jampa, who is caring and friendly, to Morph who is wild and tenacious, each little monster aims to connect with your child and be a relatable voice to explain the world in a way that makes sense to them.

Toddle Founder and CEO, Arthur Charlaftis said, “The pandemic has presented challenges to parents that we could never have been prepared for and explaining the current climate to our children can prove difficult. 

Our aim with the e-book and animation is to alleviate any worries about COVID-19 in a fun and positive way and help parents communicate with their children in a language they understand.”

Toddle has also joined forces with Australian Actor and father Gyton Grantley, who narrated the book, bringing the characters to life.

“I really enjoyed recording this animation. Having two young children, The Boogers Are Coming is a great way to explain the current climate to them. I jumped at the opportunity to put my dad hat on and help bring the characters to life,” said Grantley.

Parents and children can watch the animation, download the book, and access colouring in pages here – all for free.

Read 'The Boogers Are Coming' eBook here


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