Getting Started with Montessori at Home | Montessori Academy Childcare

Helping families create a solid connection between Montessori learning in the classroom and at home.

Establishing a Routine

Practical tips on how to find your flow and establish a consistent daily routine.

Working from Home with Children

Our top tips to make working from home with children a little easier for everyone.

Creating a Weekly Learning Plan

Your guide to creating a weekly plan of activities based on your child’s interests.

Parent as Montessori Guide

A crash course on how to take on the role of the Montessori Guide as your child’s educator at home.

Age Appropriate Practical Life Activities

Nurture your child’s desire for independence by providing them with opportunities to contribute at home through age-appropriate practical life activities.

Creating a Montessori Space at Home

Our DIY guide to creating a Montessori space at home.

DIY Montessori Shelves for
Each Age Group

Take a look at our collection of DIY Montessori shelves and activities for each age group.

Useful Playlists

A collection of our favourite playlists for music and movement and rest and relaxation.