Montessori Academy's Flag Competition: Celebrating Creativity and Community Spirit

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Montessori Academy’s Flag Competition: Celebrating Creativity and Community Spirit

By Montessori Academy06/12/23

Montessori Academy concluded its Flag Design Competition in August, an exciting event that aimed to capture the essence of our unique community through the art of flag design.

The entries were phenomenal, showcasing the boundless creativity and strong community spirit within Montessori Academy. After careful consideration, a winning flag design emerged, one that truly embodies the Montessori Academy personality.

This winning flag design won due to its representation of the simplicity and intricacy of the Montessori education. We extend our warmest congratulations to the talented designer, Nadia A., whose creation will proudly represent Montessori Academy at various events, reflecting our commitment to education and togetherness. A second round of applause to our runner up, Da-Heon K, who’s detailed flag was thoughtfully curated to align with Montessori Academy’s Core Values.

This competition showcased the extraordinary talent within our community and reaffirmed our shared values. We thank all participants for their dedication to Montessori Academy and their efforts to express our personality through this competition.

As we display the winning flag in the centres, let it remind us of our vibrant and diverse community and the cherished values we hold dear. Montessori Academy’s Flag Design Competition has been a resounding success, celebrating creativity, community spirit, and our unique personality.

We are grateful to all participants and look forward to continuing our journey of growth and education, shaping the future of Australian education in the spirit of Maria Montessori.

Winning Flag Design

By Nadia A.

Runner Up Flag Design

By Da-Heon K.