iSpy Bottles for Car Trips

Do you have a family road trip coming up? These DIY iSpy bottles are easy to make, and a great way to keep the kids busy in the back seat. All you need is a few household items, and a bottle from the recycling. They’re bound to keep the kids entertained on the go, especially if they helped make them!

What You Need to Make iSpy Bottles

– Rice
– Food colouring
– Small plastic bottle/s
– Sticky tape or super glue
– Paper & pens or a printer
– Plastic zip lock bag / bowl
– Funnel
– Small tongs
– Measuring cup
– Plastic gloves
– 10 – 15 small objects (i.e. pom poms, paper clip, dice, coin, plastic jewels, marble, sea shell, pebbles, plastic toys)

What You Do to Make iSpy Bottles

1. Pour 2 – 3 cups of rice into the plastic zip lock bag (depending on how large your plastic bottle is).
2. Put on the plastic gloves and add 8 – 10 drops of food colouring to the rice. Seal the zip lock bag.
3. Shake up the rice until the food colour is evenly distributed through the rice. Leave to dry for several minutes. It is best to do this over the sink or outside to prevent any spills.
4. Make a list of your 10 – 15 small objects (write or type) and glue it onto the plastic bottle. For younger children, you may want to create iSpy cards, or photographs, of the objects.
5. Place your 10 – 15 small objects into your empty plastic bottle.
6. Place the funnel in the bottle. Pour in the coloured rice.
7. Replace the lid of the bottle. Glue it down using super glue (adults only) or sticky tape.
8. Shake up your bottle. Your littles ones are now ready to play iSpy anywhere!

Make iSpy Bottles a Montessori Activity

1. Lay out all the materials on a medium sized work tray.
2. Present the activity to your child in the exact order it should be completed. Allow them to observe how you measure the rice, add the food colouring, shake the rice, add in the small objects using the tongs, and pour using the funnel.
3. Work slowly and deliberately so that they can see how the activity should be completed.
4. Reset the tray and invite your child to complete the activity.
5. Follow the child’s lead and allow them to work independently.
6. Invite the child to name the 10 – 15 objects that will go into the iSpy bottle.
7. Guide the child when they ask for help, and assist with the adults only aspects of the activity.

Learning Extensions for iSpy Bottles

1. Practice measuring and dry pouring with the rice by using two measuring jugs.
2. Invite the child to count the 10 – 15 small objects. You could also extend on this by having them write the number next to each object in sequential order.
3. Invite the child to write the names of the 10 – 15 small objects on the label to practice their hand writing skills.
4. Invite the child to cut out the label to practice their cutting skills.

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