A new member joining the family brings excitement and transformation, especially for an older child. Properly preparing your child for the arrival of a new sibling can promote a smooth transition and the development of a loving bond. This blog post will explore practical strategies and emotional support for expecting families. These tips will assist you in effectively preparing your child for this significant life change.

Introduce the Concept:

Start by introducing the concept of a new sibling to your child in an age-appropriate manner. Use simple and positive language to explain that they will have a baby brother, sister, or sibling soon. Reading books about becoming a sibling or showing them pictures of babies can help them visualise the upcoming change. Engage in open conversations and encourage your child to ask questions and share their feelings.

Involve Your Child:

Involve your child in the preparations for the new baby. Let them participate in choosing items for the nursery or picking out clothes. This involvement gives them a sense of ownership and importance, fostering a positive connection with their future sibling. Encourage your child to help set up the baby’s room or assemble furniture (where age-appropriate), making them feel like an essential part of the family’s preparations.

Maintain Routines:

During the pregnancy and after the baby’s arrival, strive to maintain your child’s daily routines as much as possible. Maintaining consistency and predictability in your child’s daily routines offers them stability and security during this change. Make an effort to uphold regular mealtimes, consistent bedtime routines, and dedicated one-on-one time with your child. By doing so, you reassure them that they are deeply loved and valued, even when attention is divided.

Share Stories and Memories:

Please share stories and memories of your child’s babyhood, emphasising their unique role as an older sibling. Show them photos of when they were a baby and explain how family members cared for and loved them. This helps them understand that they, too, were once a tiny and cherished baby. Please encourage them to recall fond memories and moments from their early years, fostering a positive connection to their infancy and building anticipation for the arrival of their sibling.

Address Emotions and Concerns:

Acknowledge and validate your child’s emotions and concerns about the arrival of a new sibling. Let them express any fears, worries, or even jealousy that they may feel. Offer reassurance to your child that their emotions are valid and natural. Please provide them comfort, empathy, and understanding as you address their concerns. Encourage your child to understand the significance of their role as an older sibling and assure them that their love and presence will forever hold immense value and be cherished within the family.

Involve Your Child in Baby Care:

Once the baby arrives, involve your older child in age-appropriate ways in caring for the newborn. Please encourage them to help with delicate tasks such as fetching diapers, choosing outfits, or singing lullabies. This involvement promotes a sense of responsibility, bonding, and pride in their role as an older sibling. However, it’s important to remember to avoid overwhelming them with tasks beyond their capabilities.


Getting your child ready for the arrival of a new sibling is a substantial task that requires a combination of practical strategies and emotional support. By introducing the concept, involving your child in preparations, maintaining routines, sharing stories and memories, addressing emotions and concerns, and involving them in baby care, you can help your child navigate this transition quickly and create a strong bond between siblings. Remember to provide reassurance, love, and attention to your older child and the newborn, ensuring a harmonious and loving family dynamic as you embark on this exciting chapter together.