How to choose the right kindergarten program

When researching the local kindergartens for your toddler, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the number of options. And while you might be tempted by the prospect of the various kindergarten programs and the sparkling facilities, it can be essential to think outside the box. Because when your motive is to help your child grow and learn while having fun, there are several things to consider. Here’s where to start.

What’s best for both your family and child?

When searching online for “kindergarten near me”, you may notice that most early learning centres will offer a school readiness program that is aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework. However, when making your decision also consider:

  • Your day-to-day routine and schedule. For example, having a local kindergarten with long daycare hours (for example 7:30 AM to 6 PM) can be helpful if you are working.
  • Qualified educators and early childhood teachers.
  • A strong educational philosophy grounded in respect for children, their cultural backgrounds, and learning style.
  • A defined curriculum that can support your child’s academic, social, cognitive, and physical well-being.
  • The overall ambiance of the centre.

Do the right research.

Gather as much information as possible if you’re looking for a kindergarten in Victoria or anywhere else in Australia. You can consider the following:

  • References from family and friends, especially those with children of similar age.
  • Doing an in-person tour of nearby childcare centres.
  • Going through the online reviews of the long daycare or preschool.
  • Have your queries been answered through email and other mediums of communication?

Paying a Visit

Does your chosen kindergarten adhere to the Montessori principles? Is the overall ambiance child-friendly? A visit to your local kindergartens can help you get a feel for the place and might also help you understand whether:

  • The early learning community aligns with your family values and goals.
  • The curriculum is adaptable and suited to your child’s developmental needs.
  • Safety procedures that the team follows are relevant to young children.
  • The educators nurture and facilitate learning among children.
  • The children are actively engaged in their learning process.