Montessori Academy opens 50th childcare in Guildford NSW 2161

Guildford Montessori Academy, located at 4 Chamberlain Rd, Guildford, NSW 2161, recently hosted a remarkable open day event on Saturday, 20th May 2023. Families from Guildford and beyond flocked to our state-of-the-art facility for a day filled with laughter, exploration, and exciting activities. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights of this exceptional event.

On this beautiful Saturday morning, over 300 visitors graced the Guildford preschool including Councillor Mohamad Hussein from Cumberland Council, and Fr Robert Bossini from Our Lady of the Rosary Parish. We kindly thank them for officiating the ribbon cutting ceremony and celebrating this joyous occasion with us.

Discover the Montessori Difference

As advocates of the renowned Montessori educational approach, Guildford Montessori Academy showcased the unique benefits it offers to young learners during the open day. Parents had the opportunity to observe our Montessori classrooms, which are designed to foster independence, creativity, and a love for learning. Our passionate and dedicated educators were on hand to explain the Montessori philosophy and answer any questions parents had about their child’s development.

Engaging Montessori Activities

Children eagerly participated in a wide range of Montessori activities tailored to their age groups. From practical life exercises to sensorial experiences, the little ones had a blast exploring the Montessori materials and engaging in hands-on learning. These activities not only stimulated their cognitive and physical development but also promoted essential life skills such as problem-solving, concentration, and fine motor skills.

Creative Expression through Face Painting

The open day at Guildford Montessori Academy also celebrated creative expression. Face painting stations were set up, transforming children into their favorite animals, and superheroes. The joy on their faces was truly contagious as they discovered their alter egos and let their imaginations run wild.

Delightful Encounters at the Animal Farm

Another highlight of the event was the charming animal farm that delighted children and adults alike. With adorable farm animals such as rabbits, chickens, and goats, children had the chance to interact with these friendly creatures, fostering empathy, compassion, and a connection with the natural world.

Information Sessions and Enrolment Opportunities

During the open day, Guildford Montessori Academy provided informative sessions for parents, outlining the curriculum, teaching methodologies, and the overall educational experience we offer. Our Family Care Team guided parents through the enrolment process, helping them understand the benefits of choosing Guildford Montessori Academy as their childcare provider.

The Guildford Montessori Academy Open Day on 20th May 2023 was an incredible success, leaving both children and parents thrilled and inspired. From Montessori activities and face painting to the delightful animal farm, the event showcased the dedication and excellence that define our childcare centre. If you missed this opportunity, don’t worry! We welcome you to visit our facility and explore the world of Montessori education on a campus tour. Join the Guildford Montessori Academy family and provide your child with an exceptional foundation for lifelong learning.