On December 4th 2016, Montessori Academy participated in the Greenacre Area Community Centre’s first Family Fun Day at Greenacre Public Library.

The event featured fun and entertainment for the whole community, including a jumping castle, story time, animal farm, Gym Bus, and sausage sizzle.

As part of the celebrations, our Greenacre preschool class made a special visit to the Fun Day to experience Story Time at the Library.

The children listened intently to the stories and received a free book for participating in the session.

Greenacre Area Manager, Lamisse Kazzi, said that it was wonderful to see so many diverse community members come together to celebrate inclusion, learning, and family at the Fun Day.

As part of Montessori Academy’s contribution to the event, the team established a cupcake decorating stall to actively involve children in developing practical life and social skills.

The Montessori-based cupcake decorating activity provided children with the opportunity to learn about different toppings by experience their look and taste, practice sharing with others, and develop the concentration to spoon and transfer hundreds and thousands.

The basis of all Montessori activities is to follow the child, allow children to correct their own errors, foster independence, and encourage them to learn by doing.

The Montessori Academy team also set up a mini Montessori demonstration to show the families how Montessori education is different to play based learning.

Families were particularly interested in the sensorial materials such as the sandpaper letters, pink tower, and binomial cube. They were fascinated to learn that the binomial cube is a precursor to learning complex mathematical concepts such as algebra and fractions.

The Montessori Academy team and Greenacre preschoolers had a wonderful time at the event, and look forward to participating in Greenacre Area Community Centre’s next event in May 2017.