Engadine Montessori Academy Funds Dunlea Centre Community Art Program

In early August, Engadine Montessori Academy was delighted to host the young ladies from Maria House at Dunlea Centre, Australia’s Original Boys’ Town, for a centre tour and art viewing.

The students from Maria House created more than 20 original artworks that are exhibited throughout the Engadine campus as part of an art project funded by Montessori Academy.

Inspired by Australia’s natural landscapes, flora, fauna, and cultural icons, the artworks reflect the diversity and beauty of Engadine’s history. Many artworks also pay tribute to the Indigenous heritage of the area, which are the traditional lands of the Dharawal people.

During the centre tour, the students from Maria House were thrilled to see their artworks on display throughout the campus’ classrooms.

They also greatly enjoyed learning that their original art pieces were the beginning of art gallery spaces that would be added to by the next cohort of Engadine Montessori Academy’s students.

“We feel deeply privileged to have had the young ladies from Maria House contribute these beautiful artworks to our Engadine campus. They are a wonderful point of connection to the history of our building, and the wider Engadine community,” said Michaela Rath-May, Communications Manager for Montessori Academy.

The Maria House Art Project was implemented to acknowledge the important historic link between the Engadine centre’s facilities, and Dunlea Centre, as the campus was previously home to Engadine Boys’ Town Memorial Hospital, opened in 1939 by Father Thomas Dunlea.

Boys’ Town has since been rebranded to Dunlea Centre, to reflect the organisations diversification, as they now assist both young women and men.

Montessori Academy is incredibly proud to partner with Dunlea Centre to assist the organisation in delivering much needed family and individual therapy, academic and life skills education, and residential care for both boys and girls.

The Maria House Art Project is the second fundraising initiative that Montessori Academy has been involved in for Dunlea Centre. In 2016, Montessori Academy raised more than $20,000 for Dunlea Centre as part of the company’s Annual Charity Gala Ball.

Engadine Montessori Academy is currently taking preliminary waitlists and enrolments, and is expected to open in August 2017, pending Service Approval by the Department of Education.