In the quiet suburbs of South Sydney, Engadine Montessori Academy opens each weekday to educate and care for little ones, who enjoy growing in the natural and engaging learning environment.

Since opening last year, the early learning campus has quickly become a central part of the Engadine community, as the first local early education centre to offer the Montessori curriculum to families.

The site where Engadine Montessori Academy stands has long been known as a place of quality education, as the building was once home to Australia’s Original Boy’s Town Hospital, which still to this day supports disadvantaged youths by offering them alternative schooling pathways.

In our latest Campus Feature, Centre Manager Rose Jabbour gives an insight into the learning activities that are planned for one week, that
are sure to excite the many children who come through the doors each day.

What is special about the program this week at Engadine Montessori Academy?

This week is National Reconciliation Week across Australia. Organised by Reconciliation Australia, we want to encourage the children who attend our campus to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories, to help foster respect in our multicultural nation.

It is important for our children to have opportunities to find out more about diverse groups and their cultures. By exploring different ways of life, respect can grow from a young age, which will help the children develop into socially literate citizens.

How will you be incorporating National Reconciliation Week activities into your lessons?

We’ll be exploring the history and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in many ways this week.

In our Infants classroom we’ll be looking at the use of colour in traditional artworks by creating our own dot paintings with natural colours. We’re also going to be working with playdough and natural materials, like dead leaves and feathers, to recreate symbols of significance to our native aboriginal group. In this early age group, we focus on the Practical Life activities to help the children master fine and gross motor movements, such as successfully picking up and placing objects.

We also have an exciting learning experience planned for both of our Toddler and Preschool classrooms. Later this week we will be making damper during group time, providing the children with an authentic cooking experience, and the chance to learn some practical skills like stirring, measuring and pouring. Montessori education is all about providing children with the opportunity to learn real-life skills, and these activities are always a classroom favourite, as we get to work together as a learning community on a project!