The Montessori approach to early childhood education can help your child envision the world around them with creativity and curiosity. As they develop in the early years keeping them comfortable, positive, and motivated is crucial, as the first six years of their life form the crux of their personality and zest for life.

Here are some of our top Montessori phrases to build your child’s confidence can do the trick.

1. “Can you please help me?”

A good way to boost your child’s confidence is by asking them for help. For this, you can focus on things that your child loves to do (drawing, playing, or singing) and then ask them to help you with the same. For example, if they’re great at drawing, you can ask, “Can you try drawing some flowers for me?”

2. “It’s okay to feel sad, would you like to talk about it?”

Children, like us, are human and experience their own emotions; the good and the bad. Instead of jumping in too quickly to ‘save the day’, create space for a comfortable conversation that will act as a platform for your child to open up, and convey what they are going through.

3. “Sometimes I feel the same way.”

To ensure your child understands it’s normal to feel the way they do, you can show your own vulnerability and make them realise that there are times when you feel the same way as well. It works wonders because children often consider their parents or teachers as superheroes. Being made aware that everyone struggles at times will increase their confidence and help them accept their feelings.

4. “Practice makes better. “

The most rewarding skills require consistent practice, whether learning to write your name or playing a new instrument. Let your child know that while things might be hard in the beginning, but practice makes it possible. The idea is to emphasise staying consistent and help them to understand that working hard can transform even the toughest challenge into a simple one.

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5. “I can see that you have been working hard”

While celebrating the abilities of your child, acknowledge the importance of their efforts and the process. This way, you can build their focus, tenacity, and perseverance. Remember, encouragement is the key to building a confident and resilient child. Encourage them to ask, reflect and value every aspect of life.