Did you know that a consistent bedtime routine can help calm and soothe your child and set the stage for good sleeping habits? It can help your little one to enjoy a good night’s sleep which is extremely important for their growth, learning, mood, and development. Kids that do not have a regular sleeping pattern can often be cranky, tired, or irritable throughout the day.

Once your kids are a little older, they become independent enough to make their own choices and play an active part in their bedtime routine. From cuddling a fluffy friend to listening to lullabies, kids have their own way of getting ready for bed. However, some parents might find it challenging to establish a bedtime routine with their toddlers. If easing your child to sleep is becoming tedious, here are four bedtime hacks that might work for you.

Effective Bedtime Hacks for Kids:

  1. Start bedtime routine early: It is next to impossible to get kids to sleep at the drop of a hat, especially the energetic ones. That is why it is essential to help them stay calm and relaxed before bedtime. For this, you may dim the lights one hour before bedtime and put on a night light.
  2. Try sleeping music: Some studies have shown that children who listen to background music at naptime and bedtime have improved sleep quality. Many toddlers like listening to sleeping music such as soft lullabies or nursery rhymes that help them fall asleep quickly. Several relaxing deep sleep songs are available on YouTube.  You can play during bedtime or even sing your child a lullaby of choice.
  3. Read a story: A crowd pleaser and traditional bedtime hack for children is storytelling. If your child has difficulty falling asleep, try reciting a bedtime story to them. Toddlers love being read to.
  4. Feed them properly: If your child is not fed properly before bedtime, you may find it more challenging to put them to sleep on time. Hungry children tend to be more restless children!

When should the bedtime routine be introduced to toddlers?

Your baby starts to identify the difference between day and night between 3 to 6 months. A bedtime routine should be introduced during this time, so they can understand when sleep time is approaching. You should start implementing a bedtime routine when your baby is three months old. It may take about 30 to 45 minutes before your toddler falls asleep.

Final Takeaway

Many experts recommend a minimum of 12 to 14 hours of sleep daily, including a one-hour nap during the day for toddlers. Being consistent with your toddler’s bedtime routine is beneficial to daily energy levels, routines, and overall well-being.