4 Useful Bedtime Hacks for Kids

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4 Useful Bedtime Hacks for Kids

By Montessori Academy15/04/24

3 Benefits of Parent Information Nights

Childcare and preschool parent information nights make a world of difference when it comes to setting the stage for lifelong learning. It’s an opportunity to connect and collaborate, as families and educators strive towards the shared goal of delivering the best outcomes for children.

1) Check-In: Parents have the opportunity to connect with their child’s educator, learn about their child’s progress, and gain insight into their child’s learning style and needs. Educators can also share advice on how to extend on children’s interests or support further learning at home.

2) Collaboration: Open communication and collaboration among families and educators greatly aid childrens’ development. A group forum can strengthen parents’ knowledge of the curriculum, inform future lesson planning for educators, and also notify families of any upcoming events.

3) Connection: Parent Information Nights give educators and families the opportunity to socialise beyond the pick-up and drop-off rush. It’s an opportunity to meet new people, finally say hello to that parent you’ve seen a handful of times, or even organise a weekend play date for similar-aged children.

Pictured, Miss Coco and Miss Rima led our recent Parent Information Night at our #MacquariePark campus and shared their best tips around speech and language development.

By attending these events and building a strong relationship with your child’s teacher or other families parents can help ensure that their child has a positive and successful start to their academic journey.