July 2023 - Montessori

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Month: July 2023

Starting primary school is an exciting milestone in a child’s life, but as a parent, you may have questions about your child’s readiness for this new phase. Thankfully, the Montessori early learning method provides a holistic approach that nurtures a child’s development and prepares them for a successful transition. In this blog, we will explore signs of readiness, offer practical tips, and delve into Montessori principles that can help your child thrive in their new primary school environment.

Preparing children for the future requires more than academic knowledge in today’s fast-paced world. Parents and educators must also equip them with essential life skills.

As parents, we strive to provide the best possible foundation for our children’s early development. The Montessori approach to education, developed by Dr Maria Montessori, focuses on fostering independence, curiosity, and a lifelong love for learning in young children. By understanding and embracing the principles of the Montessori early learning method, we can become Montessori parents and establish a supportive home environment for our child’s growth. This blog will explore practical tips and insights on how to embark on this journey.

Parenting is a rewarding journey and can sometimes become overwhelming and lead to Default Parent Syndrome. This syndrome occurs when one parent takes on most child-rearing responsibilities, hindering the child’s independence. This blog will explore how the Montessori early learning method can help parents navigate Default Parent Syndrome successfully.

On Saturday 15th July 2023 and in the heart of Revesby, New South Wales, a vibrant community gathered to witness a momentous occasion, the grand opening of Revesby Montessori Academy childcare and preschool.

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