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Month: August 2022

If you have chosen to become an early childhood educator, it is likely did you have a real love of children and a passion for working with them. This is starting point that any parent entrusting their child to a service would expect. So already you have the qualities needed for an engaged early childhood educator.

A lesson plan created once a week helps give learning experiences a sound structure. When used in conjunction with the Montessori work cycle, a weekly lesson plan plays a vital role in identifying, following, and building the interests of a child using purposeful teaching strategies to support the development of skills over time.

Communication is integral for the holistic development of children. While many emphasise the importance of teachers communicating with students in the classroom, how they communicate with parents or carers should not be overlooked.

In July 2022, Bankstown Montessori Academy went through the Assessment and Rating process by ACECQA and achieved an Exceeding the National Quality Standards rating. 

We’re delighted to invite you to the Grand Opening event of Broughton Road Montessori Academy.

Literacy is the ability to read, view, write, speak, and listen in a way that allows us to communicate effectively and to make sense of the world. It is the foundation to all other learning and an essential part of a child’s overall development. Here are a few tips on how you can use books to support your child’s literacy development at home.

Music is a wonderful way to engage with young children. It has the power to enthral children’s and babies’ minds. The toddler years are a great time to introduce them to music as they acquire new abilities and skills.

Montessori Academy celebrates the Grand Opening of their brand-new childcare and early learning centre in Carnes Hill.

You're invited to Montessori Academy's Kirrawee childcare Grand Opening event.

If you’re a parent deciding between babysitting or childcare, we’ve got just the thing for you. In this blog post, we take a look at babysitting and childcare; what makes them different, and what you should consider when exploring care options for your little one.

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