October 2021 - Montessori

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Month: October 2021

Learning how to go to the toilet or ‘potty-training’ a natural stage of your child’s emerging independence. The Montessori approach to toilet training your child is a three-step process that is grounded in respect and gentle guidance. 

As your toddler or young child learns to communicate their needs and regulate their emotions, rest assured that throwing tantrums is completely normal.

During the 2021 lockdown in NSW, VIC, and ACT, Montessori Academy, Australia’s largest Montessori early learning provider, supported absent families by voluntarily waiving gap fees and providing complementary daily online classes for preschool children.

Everyone knows that structured play can do wonders for your child’s social, cognitive, and academic development.  However independent or free play is equally important in your little one’s early childhood development.

The Montessori approach to respectful parenting is a great guide to raising bright and independent children. Before you get started, it’s essential that you equip yourself with the basic and underlying principles of this approach.

As a parent, it is exciting to see your little one go to school for the first time, but it can also be daunting they set off for adventure in promising new territory.

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